Fraud Risk Assessments

Our detailed occupational fraud risk assessments include policy recommendations to create a strong anti-fraud workplace. We work within your organizational culture to help ensure the most effective anti-fraud environment. 

Certain industries require different emphasis on controls. Local governments, not-for-profits, small businesses (under 100 employees), and large businesses each have unique needs for fraud occupational prevention and detection. No matter your occupational fraud prevention & detection needs, 65th North Group, LLC is here for you.

Our occupational fraud risk assessment includes:

  • Determining your organization’s occupational fraud risk.
    • Analyzing the likely effect on the organization from those risks.
    • Analyzing the likelihood of those risks occurring.
  • Completing a Fraud Risk – Governance analysis
  • Completing a Fraud Risk – Assessment analysis
  • Completing a Fraud Risk – Control Activities analysis
  • Completing a Fraud Risk – Investigation and Corrective Action analysis
  • Completing a Fraud Risk – Risk Management Monitoring analysis  
  • Anti-fraud policy development specific to your organization.
  • Creating an occupational fraud response plan unique to your organization.
  • Creating an occupational fraud education, training, and awareness plan.
  • Creating appropriate internal control policies.
  • Creating an ethics policy (when appropriate).
  • Creating a whistleblower policy (when appropriate).
  • Recommending any enhancements to existing operations to help reduce the risk of occupational fraud.

Our occupational fraud risk assessments can help you better understand your options to better protect your organization's assets.

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