65th North Group

About 65th North Group

At 65th North Group, we are a nationwide local government consulting firm, providing essential services that promote excellence in local government operations.  

Why the name 65th North Group:

Established in 2018, 65th North Group is named in honor of the founder's grandparents. The founder's grandfather worked very hard every day to take care of his family. His grandparents lived in their home on 65th Avenue North in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota for decades and there are many fond memories of spending summers with his grandparents at that home. To honor his grandparents, the company is named for something that would have meaning for them.

Value offered:

The firm's founder is actively involved in every project as we believe our clients deserve our highest level of attention at all times. Elected officials and professional staff work tirelessly each day for the betterment of their local government organization and they deserve the best consultant services possible. At 65th North Group, we recognize the value in professional executive recruitments; fraud risk assessments and modernizing internal controls; and comprehensive organizational, financial, and staffing assessments.

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