24/7 Employee Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotlines

Employee misconduct is a reality in even the best organizations. When misconduct such as discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, worker's compensation abuse, workplace violence, or theft occurs it can devastate an organization, lead to law suits, cause low employee morale, and cause significant harm to the organization's reputation. 

Part of an excellent system of internal controls is a comprehensive system for which employees can anonymously report their concerns to management without fear of retribution. Third-party employee ethics and compliance reporting systems are proven to be an excellent tool to learn about serious workplace issues. 

65th North Group's 24/7 employee ethics and compliance reporting hotlines provide a means for you to see what's really going on within the organization from your employee's perspective. If something potentially harmful to the organization is occurring, you can stop it early before it gets worse. Employees have access to report concerns to 65th North Group where a certified fraud examiner who is also certified in internal controls will review and access the information. 65th North Group will then contact the employer and provide all relevant information (excluding information that can identify the person making the report). Employees feel comfortable that they can make a report and management knows that they are much more likely to know what's really going on within their organization. 

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